This site is dedicated to the fans, owners and users of the world's best metal detector, the White's Electronics DFX.

Mission Statement: to promote knowledge, understanding and use of the DFX. To provide a friendly forum for DFX fans NOT run by someone who doesn't own one. This site does not accept or solicit paid advertising. That way you can know that anything recommended here is done so because someone else (quite possibly the site administrator) believes in it - not because we were paid to say so!

Forum Posting -
Photo Upload: If you post a pic, please let us know what state (or country, if not in the US) you live in and generally, what kind of location you found it at (school, cellar hole, beach, etc). We don't need you to divulge your secret spots, but we can all learn from each other. Also, mention the depth, if you aren't prone to exaggeration and soil conditions and detector settings if unusual or relevant. I will try and archive the photos with the bio information for as long as I can (server space permitting!) in the Hall of Fame section.

There are Only Two Rules:
1. This is a DFX site. Absolutely no propaganda for non-DFX products or detectors or DFX bashing will be tolerated.

2. No libelous, defamatory, or insulting posts. Opinions are welcome but will not be tolerated if they violate any of the above. Offending posts will merely be deleted and the offending ISP blocked from further access to this site. This site is run by an American but the site itself is not a democracy.